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DVR D7000
With the characters of low price and feature complete, JVS-D7000 series Network DVR is the good cost-effective video and audio network DVR. The series adapt H.264 compression; melt Linux o/s and high-speed embedded CPU as one; have abundant peripheral interface, for example RJ45 self-adjusting million Ethernet interface, USB 2.0 high-speed port and RS485 signal control port. JVS-D7000 series Network DVR not only have the common functions such as video and audio capture, compression, restore, network transmission, RS485, alarm detection, remote surveillance, but the series also have a series of sophisticated techniques, such as lighting protection circuit design, mobile remote viewing and leading CloudSEE network transmission platform. JVS-D7000 series Network DVR must be the best choice for middle and low end market.
DVR D6000
The JVS-D6000-S1 series DVR is cost-effective standalone DVR. It includes two models JVS-D6004-S1 4CH DVR and JVS-D6008-S1 8CH DVR. This series of DVR supports CloudSEE solution(One key to connect/Plug&Play); adopts dual stream, H.264 compression, embedded Linux real time O/S; Full D1 compression/playback, HDMI video output; Integrates video capture, storage, compression, display, network transmission, remote management, motion detection, remote PTZ control, external alarm input and other functions. Besides, because the main board could be 24-hour standby, the series DVR is reasonability and efficiency on energy utilization, low carbon and environment-friendly.
Cooperating with the launching of Effio camera chipset by SONY, develops the WD1, real time CloudSEE DVR card ??? JVS-C960 based on the patented JV9900 Video & Audio processing chipset. The previewing and compression resolution of JVS-C960 is 960*576 (normal D1 is 704*576). Compared with the traditional D1 compared DVR card, the images of JVS-C960 are clearer and smoother, and the color of images is more real. In addition, JVS-C960 DVR cards have better compatibility, lower power consumption and better stability due to applying patented JV9900 chipset. Because JVS-C960 uses PCI-E slot whose transmission speed of video and audio is fourth times that of PCI, JVS-C960 can support 64 channels previewing and compression simultaneously. Furthermore, JVS-C960 adopts the hybrid DVR technology which combines host-end software and client-end software together, and lets users feel more convenient and hold surveillance fully.
JVS-C900 series DVR cards are PCI-E port products which designs for high-end market and secondary developing market. JVS-C900 series DVR cards include 4-channel and 8-channel DVR cards. After launching JVS-C900 series D1 DVR cards, keeps an integrated product structure, including JVS-C601 as low-end products, JVS-C800 as middle-end products, and JVS-C900 as high-end products.
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