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Vehicle Tracking
Web Based application for online tracking allows user to track vehicles , personnel & assets anytime , anywhere thru a standard browser on a desktop or on Smartphones & tablets.
Features :

*???? Your own users????????
*?????? Any number of?? Geofences
*???? Waypoint?? Device wise,????????????????
*???? Custom Geocode??
*???? Alarm rules with Limits for Geofence
*???? Instant Alerts: Configurable Alert & Events to designated?? user through SMS and E-Mail
*???? GeoFence Alerts???? * Low Fuel / Temp. Out of range
*????MIS reports: Reports available on demand / schedule on Web/ Email Summary Reports on     SMS.
*????Graphical Vehicle Movement History Analysis, Running?? Time, Stoppage Time Trip Report with     Geocoded
Information ,Deviation Reports , Summary of entire Fleet.

Show Real time and History on Map :

*???? Show Route in Date & Time range for Device Selected????????????????????
*???? Trip wise Change route color
*???? Trip Start, Trip End, Stops, Geocoded Data

*???? Play Routes on Maps to visualise movement
*???? Automatic Finding?? of Location based Grid Selection


Real Time Dashboard :

*???? Current Location ,Speed , Distance??????
*???? Geo Coded Location on Demand
*???? Digital Status (Ignition, AC, Door Open etc)??????????????????????????????????????

*???? Fuel level / Temperature
*???? ID & Names of people in vehicle?????????

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
*???? Battery level
*???? Graphical display of Fuel Level/Temp, GPRS Signal Strength, Speed
*???? Simultaneous Multiple Devices Current Location and Movement on Map

GIS Based Asset Tracking / Vital Health Monitoring system :

*?? ??Track?? Asset ID / Employee ID with respect to GIS position
*???? Monitor Vital Health Parameters like Hours Run, Lube levels, Temp, Humidity, Current etc.
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